Seeds sprouting


Questions guys once a seed sprouts from medium when do I expose to light I have white widow and candy Cain auto flower first time grower


Expose to light, as soon as they break the surface


Thanks your for the quick response


Any time, can I help with any thing else


Not now but I’m sure I will be asking for help in the near future


Sure thing, best of luck to ya my friend


Yeah what kind of light you have that you growing with I might ask ? Depending on lights , if it’s a T-5 or CFL you can put them about 2-4 inches abov the seedling , but led or mh lights you might want to put them at 12- 18 inches but if they are 400 watts are bigger you might want to start at 24- 26 inches and move closer as plant grows .


CFL thanks for the information greatly appreciated