Seeds sprouted, formed t leaves then 2 more then started to die

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I planted my seeds 3mm under the surface. I used seed starting mix - it is mostly peat - The GDP sprouted in a few days and the Harlequin a few days later. They sprouted, formed t leaves then 2 more then started to die. Some never even got to where they had leaves, they remained as just a bent stem with both ends still in the soil. I watered the soil before planting and then spritzed them with a water spray bottle. The nursery guy said the seed starter mix retains water really well so at first they may have been over watered but I’ve allowed the soil to dry out some. and I’m down to 2 of the sprouts from the original 10 seeds just having on. I have veggies and MJ in small pots inside making up a square about 2 feet on each side. over them I have four 100 watt twisty 6500K bulbs 14 to 18 inches above the plants. Am I using the wrong soil? I believe the roots drowned from the peat retaining too much water from the original watering… I’m afraid to try planting more seeds because I don’t know what killed them. I would appreciate any guidance you offer.

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I believe you solved your own problem. Change your soil. Go get a bag of potting soil with very low NPK and try that. If all works out you can clone from them and regroup your losses.


I hate to be a broken record but check the ph of your water. If it’s way out of whack it can do exactly what you describe. Voice of experience here …


Robert’s bible states light source 4” to 8” for fluorescent bulbs and about 4-1-1 ratio on soil. Every grow environment has its challenges. Read the bible for all the greatest tips. :grin: Hope you resolved your hurdles.

Related to Harlequin, I can’t find information related to the plant’s mature height when grown indoors.