Seeds, sprouted, and shot up too high

When I germinate in my seeds and sprouted them, they shut up about 6 inches out of the ground with two little leaves on top. I know I screwed up somehow, but I was wondering if when I transplant can I bury any of the lungs down that shooting up calls right now there is no support. As if you can’t tell. I’m new to this. And his support would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much Eddie.


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Transplant and bury the seedlings up to their neck.

The cause is inadequate light. You will continue to have the problem until the lighting deficiency is addressed. The plants are stretching looking for more light. Cannabis is an extremely light hungry plant and generally requires triple the lighting of other common plants to do well.

How many plants do you have and what are you using to light them?

PIcs are always a good way to help us help you.


I totally agree with midwest. Fix the light issue. Then pop a few more beans. And if you want to be patient buried stems will eventually sprout roots but it takes a little while.


Thank you very much MidwestGuy I’m dumber that the dirt I put my seeds in but thank you very much.

@MidwestGuy @Eddie2 midwest is saving people one plant at a time, magnificent!
And Eddie there is a learning curve so dont beat yourself up.