Seeds soaking for how long

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lol thank you so much! They have been soaking for over a week. Can and should I try to plant them or start over? Anytime I’ve tried germinating other seeds, i can see a root sprout after a day or so but I can’t see anything on these except well it’s weird. Can I post a pic of them on here so you can see what I’m taking about?

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Most of the time just 24 hours is enough time for soaking them. They won’t always pop a tap root. Try and plant them an see what happens. Be my guest this is your topic till.we can get it figured out

I tried soaking, paper towel and straight into soil methods… Over all on 80 different seeds…
My experience is as long as you have fresh, quality seed, it makes NO difference .
Currently I am germinating 20 seeds straight into soil from mail package…so far 18 are popping their heads out already…3rd day after I put them in.
One word : Genetics !!!
Keep the temperature between 70-80 F, humidity high , use simple plastic cover and make sure you have quality seed and you be on a roll…
Don’t sweat it, keep it simple, its called weed for a reason…
Good luck

I have begun to Wonder on some of the auto strains I have germinated. Some sprouted, others didn’t. Amnesia Haze had the best success and they didn’t show hardly any tap roots when I put them soil. Now they are my best ones