Seeds sending to Australia from this site


Anyone else have some feedback or reviews from past strain purchases?

I’ve made an order and was curious about delivery times and quality of seeds that have been received?

Thanks in advance


It has taken roughly 10-11 days to get to the states. Every seed I’ve germinated has come up so I’d say the quality is good. As far as customer service, I’d say the reviews speak volume about ILGM replacing any seeds that don’t reach ya.
Can’t help ya out about time to Australia though. I think maybe @number1fan is from Australia. Maybe he can help ya.


I’ve bought seed from other company and it took 3/4 ,weeks to arrive


I ordered and it took 6 weeks to arrive to my house in australia.
So yes it took ages but well worth it. These days im happy to wait.


Sorry. I also had 10/10 germinate. So great seeds. I bought the white widow autos and its good quality smoko.


Good news and good reviews, apart from time and patience it sounds like i may have made a worthwhile investment into a few different strains here… thanks fellas.
Much appreciated.


Two years in a row bought off these guys, seeds came within around a month first time. This year first batch must of got confiscated at customs, they sent a second as soon as i emailed them. took around 6 weeks all up maybe a bit more. 100% germination rate and great genetics, you’ve made a smart decision my friend. Good luck


Are you from the west or east mate?


Im in nsw. Newcastle area. 2 hrs from Sydney. Like the boys are saying. You made a great choice with ilgm. Yes seeds take a long while to arrive but they do arrive. And there top shelf seeds. Honestly its a win win with these guys. I promise.


If I ever plan a trip to Australia I hope I can hit up one of you guys to hangout and show me around! A local is always necessary! And if you ever find your way out here to the East Coast of the US I hope you guys hit me up! Good vibes and love all around.


Smoking a nice one and seeing the sites. Cant beat that @ktreez420. If you ever do come out be sure to let me know. Take a couple of my toys out the track. Burn some rubber and some green. Gotta love it


I’m so jealous dude you have NO idea! I love the good vibes.


Well im jealous of your grow ideas. You the man ktreez.


I love a bit of fruity flavour so I’ve ordered these for the first round of seeds from here

It’s been over 6 weeks and nothing in the mail yet… trying again for a second round hopefully this time they get through.

I’m itching to get growing!


Nice choice. Hopefully your 2nd attempt comes through. I have had some seeds from another company come through this week…my ILGM seeds still haven’t arrived, it’s been a months now :frowning:


So I wait 10 day from day of purchase date, So if shipment does not turn up after 10 days I assume custom has confiscated them. So on day 11 I contact you for another shipment. Is that correct. any longer then 10 day one would have to expect they have been confiscated by customs.


its a small world @number1fan


Try not to panic mate. Mine arrived after 6 weeks. As i said before well worth the wa it. And if they dont come they reship. I orderd another lot around 14 days ago. Not expecting for anotjer 14. Its our countys customs. Everything i order sits there for ages. Ilgm send next day.


That it sure is @BondPacker. As long as the world is small but the buds are big its all good my grow friend.


Truer words have never been spoken, well said my friend but the only thing you forgot to mention is as long as the beer is cold :beers: