Seeds reviewed in blog


Hello all! I see a lot of interesting strains reviewed in the blogs here, at the bottom of the articles it says if you are interested in the strain check our seeds and it links us to the ilgm seeds bank but I don’t see the seeds that are reviewed in the blog. Can anyone point me in the right direction for the seed in the blog? Specifically strawberry lemonade.


Yeah I noticed that the other day,I was looking at one of them purple something, same thing


@MikeyCush Is this what you were looking for?



Go to the blog and in the upper right corner there is a search option. Too many purples to post.


@AnneBonny No we’re looking for the seeds not the reviews but thanks anyway!


Yeah it was purple train wreck I was hoping to find
Sounds like some kill,and with the parents of that strain you know it will be


I don’t believe ILGM sells all of the strains that are in those blogs. I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure they don’t sell strawberry lemonade.


Oops. Sorry. Misunderstood. Good luck with the seed hunt.