Seeds quality from ams

Got some white widow extreme from ams. Germinated 20 in riot rooters. Had 9 come up within a day or so and they are killing it. 4 didn’t pop at all and the rest are lagging well behind. Some came up and are really small and some just sprouted a tail and that was it. Was my first time gwrming with the dome. Probably going back to the paper towel because I’ve never had that low of a rate germing before. Gunna throw 3 regular ww from ams and 10 Skywalker og from ilgm in a paper towel and get those going.

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Just bagged the last of 3 grows on the WWE fem from them. 2 of 5 didn’t germ. Got 22oz total from the 3 that did. When I asked them about it they told me the warentee was only good for 90 days from purchase, I said thank you and went some place else. It was good stuff. 1st one stretched into my lights, the other never went into stretch. All in all good stuff but won’t buy from Them again due to the 90 days crap. Couldn’t find mention on their site and they couldn’t direct me to the location of this warentee statement. They offered me 20% discount on my next purchase. Alas I went elsewhere.


They just gave me a 20 percent off coupon too. I’ve never had a problem eith them before usually they are great. I just germed the ones ingot from ilgm but these ones are really really small idk if thats normal lmao all the other ones I’ve ever gotten from ams and stuff were bigger ehat I consider normal size. But we will see how they do. If these ilgm seeds germ good just goo go through them from now on. Good genetics and fast shipping time will have my vote. I’ve never had a problem with ams maybe they are just going downhill. They used to offer to send replacements and all that they dont have a garentee anymore. Idk what’s up with them

I was just taken back by the fact that I bought twice from them and they blew me off over 2 seeds. Bad business desission.

I’ve bought quite a few times. For years. But instead of being like hey we will send u some replacements for being a loyal customer for years and spending a ton of money with us they just gave me a stupid coupon


I had a really bad germ rate for my winter grow (4 out of like 11) but spring grow was great 6 out of 8 I find planting seeds that even don’t have tails have a decent chance of germing if just left in a cup of moist medium(they just take longer then average) I also hate coupon rebates “hey buy more if you want your money back”