Seeds popped but than zero growth

My seeds popped and so I planted in a jiffy cube. I have a heat mat under them and maintain about 75 degrees and keep them moist. It’s been like 2 weeks nothing . Zero growth. I thought I was doing everything as I should and I have grown hundreds of plants as clones as well as bag seeds so I’m stumped.

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too moist?

did you ph correct your jiffy pellets? It’s very common for jiffy pellets to be base 7 or higher I usually soak them in ph’d water 5.5 then check run off after couple hours and correct them as needed before adding seeds. I also use shot glass method simply soaking seeds overnight until they sink then planting in my pellets the soak saturates the shell and seed and the peat pellet will hold just the right amount of moisture for them to pop. This means less risk of damage to tap root from transfer and they either sprout or they don’t if they pop and then damp off it’s usually handling issue or over watering

A lot of people find them too wet, I do too

I’m going to experiment and start seeds, once they put the tail out in their own little soil-filled 4" pot soon

Following along, I have a thread on starting seeds, will link…
-best of luck!