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A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Seeds on their way, building grow room 8’ X 8’ and programming control system. Is there any benefit to incrementing the day light duration early on (first week or so) and then gradually decreasing (down do 12/12)to initiate flowering? Also, do I understand correctly that feminized seeds are not suitable for cloning? If not why not? My intention is to use moisture sensors to determine watering and completely automate the light cycles and watering. Thank you for your assistance. Jeff


I would go the 18/6 or even 14/8 through veg. Depending on strain and what size you want your plants is how long on this light cycle. When they get the size youre looking for the switch can begin. Even with timers id advise to check them Daily to keep pests, diseases, mildew at bay and to make sure theyre working.
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welcome to ilgm jeff…feminized seed are great for cloning.
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My first grow will start in a few weeks, building grow room and waiting for seeds to arrive.
Will be growing in soil w/worm castings, 7-gallon pots, LED lighting, 8’ X 8’ X 9’ room, White Widow (Fem) and Gold Leaf (Fem), starting with four plants (two each), latter expanding to 8.

Is it best to abruptly change light duration from 18/8 to 12/12 to initiate flowering, or should I gradually change the light duration over a few days until 12/12 is reached?


For what it’s worth I change to my HPS and 12/ 12 right after veg going into flower. So I would say I’m on the abrupt side. I hope that helps a little but wait for some of the professionals to chime in. They probably know what best practices to do.


From what i know and have learn the only thing about feminized seeds is that they are suppose to be a gaurantee that you get a female plants that is all they should be amazing for cloning since you are guaranteed to get a female plants however thy can still turn hermie thou if you dont care for them properly but atleast if you do everything right your pretty much guaranteeded a full crop of gorgeous lady’s.


Thanks for info @neckNflu @Mikos , seeds have arrived (from ILGM) and much sooner than expected.
Room is nearly complete


@Donaldj has suggested, and I’ve used successfully, is from veg to flower reduce the schedule over a week or so to 12/12 and this will greatly reduce stretch.


Thanks @Myfriendis410 (@Donaldj too), what does “stretch” mean?


Typically when a cannabis plant is put into flower inside, the day schedule is reduced to mimic winter which stimulates flowering. Usually there is a growth spurt associated with that event which can potentially double the height of the plant.


@Myfriendis410, I found the meaning of “stretch” over in FAQ’s…


Excellent information @Myfriendis410, just the detail that I was looking for. Thx.


Awesome! Happy growing. Enjoy.