Seeds not popping 4 days

Hi all

Just got my AGGlue seeds from ILGM last week. and have had 4 in a glass of water for 4 days now… nothing is happening that I can see. Added some Hyd Peroxide to it tonite… been in dark room at 72F unless I am looking at them since put in. Do I leave them… or pull them out… dry and retry or any suggestions. Do I need to put a small led light on them? Friend said to put in pill bottle with sand paper around inside and shake it for a while then put back in glass of water… IDK.


If it were me, I would probably pull them out, and put them in a moist/damp paper towel (fold towel, lay seeds on one side, and fold over covering seeds), put in a warm dark place, and see if that does the trick…

but please wait for more opinions, as I am far from a pro, but the paper towell seems to work for me…


I usually will put them in water until sink usually about 24 hours. Then transfer to wet paper towel method. I put them in clear glass with paper towel wetted down pressing them against side of glass. Leave in dark warm place. A lot of people will fold soaked seeds in paper towels and put in plastic bags. Same thing leave them in warm dark place. Should form tap roots in 24 to 48 hrs.


ok… Thanks. have them in the folded paper towel… in dark place at around 72F… is that good temp?

Thought I had read that they would pop in the glass of water without the paper towel. At this point will try anything… had one friend say to take a razor blade and shave off the edge around the seeds… swears he does it all the time. My try at a 2nd grow so that that can wait until much later I think… but if all else fails will even try that.

Thanks again for replies.
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At 72°F they will probably germinate, but the ideal temperature is 77-82°F. See if you can bring that temperature up about 5 degrees.

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I’ve seen where people will put plastic bag with paper towels and seeds on top of cable box or modem, which puts off low level warmth.

I just dropped two seeds in a shot glass of water yesterday and there taproots are already starting to come out. I looked on ilgm grow guide and here is what they say on how to germinate seeds. “This can take more than 24 hours in some cases. Make sure the temperature of the water is at 68 degrees and the PH should be around 6. When the tail is out, you can plant them.” So I am not sure if it is a temp issue. You can try with some warmer water, the water temp in my shot glass is 75.2F. If that does not work you can try the paper towel method. Worse case is you get in touch with ilgm and get replacement seeds since they guarantee that the seeds they sell will sprout. Maybe they got damaged in the mail.

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Still nothing this morning. Will give another day in paper towel Not sure what then.

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ILGM will replace seeds if they don’t germinate. I’ve had 2 that hasn’t germinated. ILGM replaced them without any hassles. When I got into growing I had no idea what I was doing. I’m just glad that I ordered my first seeds from ILGM.

I had the same problem with some White Widow seeds. Seemed like nothing worked even though I was doing an AK47 at the same time and it was doing great. I contacted ilgm and they sent a new set of seeds and those worked like a charm. One of the “duds” had a hole in the tip of it where it looked like a root was going to come out but didn’t. After I gave up on it and cut it open there was a little brown mushy seedling in there. I guess it just didn’t want to pop out. Another one did nothing, and one other looked like it was cracking open but never finished. Had no problem getting replacements. Sometimes it’s not you…

@Gwrgenau any updates, did any of them pop, just curious as to how it is going…

no… had them in paper towel 2-3 days nada… so took off there and put back in shot glass with hydrogen peroxide for another 12 hrs… looked like they were trying to split shell on one end that I had scraped with razor blade last night … so put back on paper towel and put in plastic bag last night… did not look good this morning… giving them until tonite and then giving up and popping another set in shot glass.

guessing there is no reason to keep trying if nothing tonight… but will put back in frig seperated and save until spring and throw them out in back flower garden and see if mother nature can surprise me. :slight_smile:

right now thinking back… the first time shot glass the temp got fairly cold that night in basement… 60 - 68 F and think I may have killed them right away… as I have just not seen anything from any 4 of them. Have it set up now where temp stays 78 - 80F constant.

It might be worth sending customer service a message, they may send out replacements, hope you have better luck on the next ones…

Thanks… yeah shot them a mail… see if they had any suggestions… but like they said I am sure here is probably better help then they will be.

nothing with the new 4 in shot glass this morning… 1 was on bottom… pushed a little and 2 more fell to bottom and 1 still swimming. temp was 75F… bumped it up to 78-79F

The first three are definitely ready to be put into a paper towel, planted directly in soil or whatever your next planned step is. In all likelihood the fourth one is ready as well.

I have always waited until I saw tails… with them in the shotglass water… then planted in Rapid Rooters - under small Tao 18w led… 79ishF with plastic dome… then in to 5 gal Smart pots with 1 bag coco loco - 1 bag perlite when roots are showing. Havent done first part successfully to much so any help is greatly appreciated. When I can get them to pop I have a couple grows with cheap 450w leds.

Not sure why… but went ahead and put them between two paper towels and into ziplock and paper bag tonite… hopefully by morning something.


peeked at them tonight… nada happened in 24 hrs …

Support said to leave them in the water 4-5 days… so maybe I didnt wait long enough on first try, will try them again at some point…