Seeds not making


who do i talk to about seeds? i got chocolope back in october and 3 of the 5 germinated and broke ground and then just died. what should i do?




I deleted my reply. I’m realizing you might mean how to get new seeds/refund and not how to fix the growing problem.


More then likely they were over watered … ( ie ) damping off…



Yup, if the seeds broke ground, that means the seeds were viable. Something likely happened to kill them. And as said by @peachfuzz, yes, most often with new growers, over watering and drowning the fragile roots is the cause.

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Hi Shan, I see you emailed our support desk. Our customer service will help you out later today.



Now That is what id call SERIOUS Support . oh yaaa . only 8 mins behind you Roy :wink::sunglasses:
Hammer .