Seeds not germinating!

Hey Now! So I have recently tried germinating my 5 ILGM Blue Dream fem seeds and only 1 has germinated.

I soaked them for 24 hours in water and then transferred them to paper towels.

After 48 hours from moving to paper towels, only one seed has sprouted and is now living happily in its soil cup while the remaining seeds have done nothing! I placed one of the duds into soil to see if it would fair better but it has been almost 12 days since dropping and nothing has worked.

Any advice on what I could do to better my germination rates? Or am I just unlucky with a 20% success rate? Thanks all.

Hey aggrocraig,
I can recommend this little app i’ve been using for a while now called higrade.
It has a grow help section that allows you to ask any question about your plants seeds or harvest timing. It has given me very detailed answers to all my questions. check em out.

When you put them in a paper towel did you put that into a ziplock bag, then seal it tight and place it somewhere dark and warm? 70+ degrees?


Hi Bob-- I wrapped the paper towel in tin foil and placed it on top of my modem-- the foil and paper towel were considerably warm to the touch after a few hours.

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@MattyBear, Spambot!!!

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I was going to suggest temperature.

Contact customer service on the seed shop side, they will take care of you.


Hey AAA, I’m not a spam bot. I just want other new growers to know that this tool is out there. That’s all.
Take it or leave it. All good vibes

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Ok, you are real. I just see you in threads making your pitch for the app and figured you were trying to sell something!

Have a good one.

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The ziplock bag method is to keep humidity and moisture levels up while germinating.

Never used tin foil before

Not knocking the paper towel method, but i do 24 hours in some fiji water then straight to soil , so far 11 for 12 , waiting on 12 to pop its head, i just put my seeds in there forever home Sunday , Tuesday afternoon the first sprouted, 12 hours later , 2 more popped. Good luck