Seeds not germinating and plants with stunted growth

I have asked this forum how i can contact about the issues of seeds not germinating i was given instructions by 2 people and still cant find this seed department area on this website. can someone please give me some information on this process.

Thank you.


Thanks marine!!! Semper Fidelis…

Seeds not germinating and when and if they do being stunted is a sure sign you have to much nitrogen or fertilizer in your soil

How are you germinating your seeds? Whats your process?

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I have zero fertilizer in the soil all other plants are 8 inches tall except the 1 just stayed 1 inch with deformed leaves.

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Shot glass method as instructed.

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@Duberjr1979 welcomed to the community like @oldmarine give you the contact info. And ilgm support they go to contact you

If you soak you seed on water in darkness place with an warm temp like I do, I don’t had not problems germinate seeds from ilgm like that but im 100% that ilgm support they go to help you on you lose seeds

About the other plants that sprout you should show some pic to see the problems with some info. Include in the support ticket

Thanks and happy growing

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