Seeds not Germ. Should I keep in

So I have had seeds in water for over a week
5 germ, 5 still in water. How long can they stay in water without any results

I’m no professional but the guide on this website says you shouldn’t go over a week.

Mine germinated in 48 hours being in water.
All you need to see is just a little tail coming out.

What’s the temp of the water?

Water is room temp. 5 of mine germed in less than 48hrs first 5. 2 germed. Still have 3 in the water. Second 5. 3 germed in less time. 2 still in water. I will give the last 2 some more time.

Put them in a warm dark place

So I have 4 going. Glue auto. When is it ok to start putting them outside. There 2 weeks old about 2 inches tall. Have them under light for now.

I’d say sooner the better. You have a picture. I’d imagine they are starved for light. Or you’ve been drowning em.

So here are 2 of my plants. Is it time to go out side.

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They look healthy. I would put em out in the sun, let that dry them out and don’t water until you get a little droop ( they look thirsty). Keep a close eye on em though.

Edit: if you live somewhere ridiculous like I do (Florida) ease them into a bit. Longer each day.

So the plants are in soil. I only water the top. Should the soil be damp all the way to the bottom of the planter

What size pot? Looks big, I’d say heck no.

You want to err on the side of under watering as opposed to over-watering. If you are paying attention you will see signs they are thirsty. You then water them they will perk right back up. If you are giving too much water they are going to stall on you, which looks like what is going on. On combination with wanting more light. Step one get em in the sun to dry em out that will kill two birds with one stone

5 gal pot. GG auto

Yeah same size I started in. No reason at all to wet the whole thing. Would give mine like half a glass around it in circle. Not right at the base bout out a couple inches. So they have to search for water

Thanks for the info. Was alot of help.

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No problem. Once they dry out and get that sun on em they will explode.

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Where do i get fertilizers for autoflower. I am using a supersoil. Do I need to add anything elce

I am not sure if auto flowers require different nutrients. My gut says no though. I have not tackled nutrients yet. Right now I am using some cheap stuff from Amazon. A foliage booster because I’m in veg stage. I hear good things on here about jacks123. Fox farm trio is another I see a lot around here. Basically marijuana requires different amounts of key nutrients. Which ratio is better will be determined by if you are vegging or flowering. Then there are a ton of options within that framework. That’s my basic understanding to this point.

Yours are not ready for any kind of fertilizer in my opinion. Get em healthy, get a few more nodes on em. Start researching now and buy something. For vegetative growth when you find what sounds good.

Edit : I totally ignored the part about super soil. I don’t know. Better wait for somebody with more knowledge. Might find what your looking for with the search function. I have a feeling that’s been asked on here before.

Thank you for your email

How much light is needed.