Seeds Mixed on Purchase?

The bought 10 seeds of Silver Haze feminized. Grew 4 plants, one I pulled as the plant stopped growing and had yellow leaves.
The largest one while growing in first month stopped growing and the other 2 in different planter took off and tripled in size on two weeks. The smaller one know is budding and it’s only 6 inches high…I did not order self flowering seeds.
The one budding has 3 fingers on its cluster leaves, which the other two of same seed batch have 5 fingers in the leave cluster and NO bides yet…so it seems seeds were mixed in on order and I’m wondering if the two plants with 5 cluster leaves are male plants?? The plants all started in soil mid August.

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I don’t think you got the wrong seeds or different seeds. It looks like you have these plants outside and have just reached the part of the year where they flower naturally. Once they start flowering vertical growth is pretty much done and they spend most of their energy on flower development.

Hard to say why the one turned yellow, but that is usually from lack of nutrients or a ph issue.


I somewhat agree with @dbrn32 … the problem I see is their light availabllity… They arent getting enough against any wall. And if photoperiod like dbrn said. They would initiate flower. The only part of his statement I disagree with is vertical growth. Given the right amount of nutrients I quadruple height after :upside_down_face:… or more. Have a blue dream surpassing a 5’5" high light. As we speak. Was less than a foot tall with 1.5 from pot to floor. So to break it down. It went from 1 ish feet tall to about 4 feet. After flip. 5’7" if you include the pot and lifted grate.

Also. Why are you suffocating your medium? Did/do you have a mold issue?

I have the same planters. Don’t use them for that reason. And you have also covered the surface. Suffocating them more

See… Would never use them for cannabis…

And yes. I have a custodial cart for my home. Lol. Efficient.


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I only know a few Mexican words. Taco Taquito burrito chimichanga guacamole that’s about all I can think of right now.

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Lol. No te tiendo means " I don’t understand."
Whether I did or not. I always answered the same. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Mi amore would be “My Love”

So consistently. I said to this woman. “My Love, I don’t understand.” And it was an inside joke that ran well. Obviously. I reminisce on it fondly.

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My three favorite Latin phrases. For you all.

After flip and after flowering is two different things. This looks like an outdoor grow, there would be no flip involved.

For and indoor grow, if plsnts are mature when “flipped” is typically about 3 weeks before fill flower sites are present. How much vertical growth do you see after that? It’s usually not much.

Check my main topic. :upside_down_face:. That one blue dream has stretched for well beyond 3 weeks… Granted it’s not my baby. I don’t even like it.

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How old was it when you put on 12/12?

I considered Aug 26 day one of flower. flipped Aug 7th. Sprouts on July 16th. Was still growing… today…

Has definitely gained over an inch in past two days. Since it now surpasses my light. infact. They woke up 10 minutes ago. Bet she got even taller. Time to feed. Greedy ho.

Edit. Erm. Woke up an hour ago. Time for amendments*
I feed with amendments an hour after initial.

That would be over 4 weeks since flower. 6-7 since flip…

Doubling your account ( of three weeks ). to be fair.

Your plant wasn’t mature when flipped, explains why you feel the way you do. Having overgrown your light will just increase shading on larger portion of your plant, and cause more stretch. Doesn’t contradict what I said at all. Just a difference in understanding of what plants do and why.

dos cervasas por favor and donde esta el bano are the only two phrases
I remember from four years of Spanish.

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I fully get what you are saying. I also contradict that this plant is twice the size of this one… Which was almost finished in the same amount of time… that this one has been growing…

I know there’s a lot of understanding I have yet to grasp. Hopefully this is one of those occasions where it can be explained why I have such variant results…

So you want two beers and the bathroom. In which order?

English is my first language…

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LOL. English is my first language. I’ve tried hard over the years to learn others but only know a few phrases I don’t have to translate in my head which really slows down a conversation. Thanks to a construction job I did learn some great phrases in German, French, Russian and Arabic.

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Я не понимать. Russian for I don’t understand.

I spent two months Russian Language study at the Moscow State University. I did 5 years worth of study in 2 months. Yup it was intense. The experience…priceless.

And @dbrn32 I can say this. My Sativas continue to stretch even through flowering. Now my Indicas pretty much stop once flowered.

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That is the seeming trait. I notice they my sativas reach a pinnacle then shrink while fattening up. But they grow vurt up untill they point. Which that point is flower week 6-7. Seemingly even with a long veg. Like my Skywalker. Which is still on the up up

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Yes they are outside but why would one stop growing and the other 2 have tripled in size compared to the one that started to flower? Same soil, light…etc.
Why does the runt have only 3 leave clusters and the larger 2 have 5 leave clusters…tells me different strains?