Seeds Mix packs, numbers instead of names

How do I identify my seeds with numbers instead of names so I know what I’m planting.


Welcome to the forum. This should be helpful:


What do the numbers say/read?

Share photos of the seed packets

SOD-FAP5 04:09:07. 68890413
COK-FP5. 01:09:06. 10240524
SSK-FAPS 05:01:06. 10220510
Auto flower classic mix

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None of the numbers or letters match your reference guide.
Check down to Mattybear for my letters and numbers.

SSK = Super Skunk
SOD = Sour Diesel


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The super skunk and sour diesel are both autoflowers, the og kush is photoperiod.

If that was indeed in the classic mix pack then you got 1 pack of incorrect seeds.
The OG Kush photos should have been AK47 Autos.
Contact ILGM and they will fix it.

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I use a laptop and do not know if this works on a phone.
Ctrl F shortcut. In this example I entered COK and result of Find is shown

beats scrolling
F is feminized
X is the number of seeds
FA is feminized autoflower

Yes, what @Spiney_norman said. You should have gotten AK47 Autos and not OG Kush CBD. Contact customer service and they will make it right for you :call_me_hand:t3:

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Thank you.