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Hey it’s a question that’s relevant to myself as I’m hoping to grow my own to improve my health conditions. On the seed bank websites I see they do multi packs of seeds. Are medicinal strains available in the same format or is this just the recreational leisure time strains. I realise as I’ve no knowledge about strains I could have answered my question but would appreciate your comments on this. Thanks.


So I just looked and saw nothing like what you are after. Too bad…

Google “CBD Mix seeds RQS”.

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What issues are you having that you want to use Cannabis to help with?
I understand if you don’t want to share but if you do that could help the forum better guide you to some options.
Many strains out there and some seem to work better for inflammation and others better for chronic pain and so on.
I’m pretty new at all this regarding what strains for the various conditions but I’m using what I have for both inflammation and pain. At least that along with other changes in diet and such has helped me recover from UC which I had both bleeding ulcers (inflammation) and stomach pain.
CBD dominant strains they say are better with inflammation and thc dominate strains for chronic pain I think I have that right. Then I recently read some info on CBG which looks promising in other areas.
Most of mine are low CBD and mostly THC but what I’ve been using has helped me.
We are babies in the woods at the moment as far as understanding all the benefits and complexity of this medicine but knowledge is growing as this medicine is coming out into the light



Going by the various info it’s certain high THC strains. I’m using CBD capsules at the moment but they’re not too good at lifting mood or that general sense of wellness and wellbeing that I’m hoping these THC strains are capable of.

If your in a legal state and are able to go to some of the stores and talk to the bud tenders and as long as they are skilled in their craft can suggest some strains that you can try to see if they have the desired effects.

There may be some info here that you can learn from…

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