Seeds in solo cups

Seeds in solo cups / soil @Bob31
I have had my seeds in solo cups for about a week and on a windowsill and they have not came up yet do I need to use a light… They are autoflowering

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You shouldn’t need a light until they pop out of the soil.

Did you germinate the seeds or just plant them?


@Wolfmankush thanks for starting a new topic! @Jmesser80 is asking the right questions!


Good luck @Wolfmankush if you just put seeds is soil o may take a while if you germinate first you should see something in a few days if you dindntvplant to deep ?
@Jmesser80 is on track ?


I did germinate them first and no they are not down deep

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A germinated them first

I am using black gold soil mix to

how warm during the day, how cool at night are they kept?

a constant 75-80 F is good.

is the soil a seedling type soil with little to no nutrients or a mix for a bigger plant with nutrients already in the soil?

That’s strange they haven’t popped up yet.
@kabongster question about the temps might have something to do with it.

Also have you moistened the soil at all?
You want to keep the soil moist but not drenched. I use a spray bottle and just mist it a few times.

yeah maybe get them warmed up? What sort of temps are they in? @Wolfmankush

I first I did not mist them I might have used to much water. With the spry bottle .I mist them now. And the are in a humidity dome. Temp. At night is around 52 .to 60 humidity is around 62 .I put them on the windowsill in the day time Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

That’s a little cool for seedlings. Try getting the temps up. Near 80F/80% rh. They may just be growing slow due to the lack of heat… don’t know if that would affect an auto plant though.

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Yes it’s a seedling type mix

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It’s black gold seedling mix

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@Wolfmankush black gold seedling mix?

Can you take a gander at the bag and give us the ingredients, please?

Might be a soilless medium…

Blend of 70-80% Canadian sphagnum peat moss. Perlite, dolomite lime and and yucca extract

Ok very good. Normally the pH for your water would be 5.8

The dolomite lime should bring it up to 6.5 I believe.

Do they say on the bag what the pH of their mix is or what pH to water with?

No. And I don’t know what the PH is for the water

Nope, me either. I see a lot of soils like this and I’m not sure what to tell you. Try this get a spoon of soil put it in glass of water check the pH and see what it comes up as and then we can go from there!


pH the water first to 5.8 add soil, test pH then dump. Add water pH to 6.5 see what you get for a reading

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How to adjust the PH of my water