Seeds in Rockwool

That’s looking great are you using the yo yos for Lst?
Good idea I wish I knew that before I went broke lol

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Yo-yos now that my plant is too unwieldy for the lst clips. Lol. I prefer the clips, the yo-yos make it hard for me to move the plants around when I need to. Anything you can clip to it and weigh it down will probably work. Even a piece of string held down by something heavy.


Oof. I can tell my strainer wasn’t fine enough to catch all my plant matter. Oh and PS I decided to use my trim for QWET to then turn into vape concentrate.

It’s very very green. I hope it doesn’t taste like trash.


QWET is on top of the fridge evaporating for the day. I had NO IDEA I had so much trim. It took the whole bottle of everclear to cover the trim. Consequently I have a grip of liquid in a meager 8x8 brownie pan. It’ll take forever to evap. That’s okay though, I don’t have anything to store it in until later today. It looks neon Green still today. I wondered if it was partly the flash, but no. It’s really that color.

I checked in on the 4x3. My Frosted Jungle is telling me it’s time but she’s going to have to wait another 6-8 weeks, easy. That or I’m gonna need to add another unit to my hydro flowering zone. Oh, or Purple Urkle will be male and I’ll have a spot freeing up real quick. We’ll see.

One of the leaves off my LT Clone (2.2 if I’m remembering right?) was underneath my cheap LED for the tomato seedlings and she got scorched. Here’s a real live example of leaf burn from a dumb 30 watt LED.

I had been planning on a few seeds from Pacific Seed Bank and a new 320w from KingBrite for the 4x4 this month, but I think my poor pup broke her toe. She, at the very least, split her nail open and the toe is swollen. Soonest vet appointment is the 21st…… but that’s where the stashed spending cash is going for the month, and very likely next month, too.

Updates on the 4x4 in 12 when lights come on.


My wife took our dog (our pittie) to the emergency vet; they’re there now. :crossed_fingers: hoping it’s a quick nail trim and antibiotic regimen.

I snapped a photo of the 4x4 before dashing to work.

Pretty sure Purple Urkle is a lady. Kinda have to stare at the photo for a while to see the pistil beginnings right by my fingers. I should have actually gone back to see how old she was because it occurs to me it may be a smidge premature. :rofl:


Packn some pistolas

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Y’all remember Super Skunk?

After I verified she was, in fact, not a herm and I’m just an idiot, she got moved outside. She looks like crap but smells alright. Probably won’t use it for smoke or anything, was mostly Hoping to catch some pollen from a pesky neighbor and make seeds. :rofl:


Alrighty. 4x4 time!

Lemon Tree has seriously cut back on her water consumption. Fine with me, she’s still frosty and stinky.

Hey @VOL4LIFE here’s a shot just for you. Right where’s I broke her.

And this branch:

Oh and the second accidental snap in half:

This plant has been through it all twice. Even flowering. :rofl:


Purple Urkle, still not flowering (yet)

And Blueberry. I’m gonna need strings to hold this puppy upright.

Full tent:


Great looking plants :clap::clap::clap:

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Thank you! It’s a huge accomplishment to have that Blueberry auto looking so flowery. :heart_eyes:

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The blueberry auto I grew this year was pitiful by comparison. I left mine in a solo cup too long thinking it was a photo lol

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Purple Urkle is a lady, yall!

She also had an insane growth spurt today.

Progress across the board. Visual difference somehow in less than 24 hrs.


It’s watering day for the 4x3 which means lots of water.

Okay I’m exaggerating. I’ve gone thru about 1.5 gallons and I’ve only got 2 planters left. It just feels like a lot.

I’ll give a full report on the tent and probably the flower tent later on after watering. Flower tent girls are probably ready for more water too. I’ve been pushing all my plants to “droopy leaf” stage before watering just to see what happens.


I’ve been doing this myself and I swear I think she likes it

She probably does.

I think I need to do something about this.

I don’t even know what anymore.


I may have rejoiced too soon. Purple Urkle suspiciously nutty.

Tagging in @Covertgrower @Underthestairs @Mark0427 anyone else who wants to weigh in here.

Herm? They sure look like sacs or the beginnings of them but they’re so intermittent and small.


Those are definitely balls unfortunately.


Hey that’s okay, it’s a risk I took knowing it was a bag seed. Thanks for the confirmation. I’ve got too much going on to risk it.

Time to rotate in a new one!


Damn that sucks. Snake in the grass

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At least you caught it early :scream:

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