Seeds in Rockwool

It’s watering day in the 4x3. I pulled all the thirsty soil plants out and out em in the tub (minus 4 in solo cups)

One of my Purple Urkles (only? I have one in hydro but suddenly I can’t remember where any of the others are?) is looking strange. Deficient. None of the others are affected. I’m also thinking she outgrew her pot so that’s a problem for next week.

I dunno. I’m mid watering and will figure it out and report back later. I have more trimming looming in the back of my brain.

Last night’s trimming netted approx 33 grams (less 3.5, so 36.5 total so far)

It’s also lights on for the 4x4 so I’m gonna check them out soon.


How do you like those bags, are those grove bags better then ball jars? I see in the topic Grove bags a lot of growers choose the Grove bags. I purchased mini hygrometers but I’m not sure why. Right now I have 2 smaller wide mouth jars filled I put a mini hygrometer in with them idky just copying what I’ve seen. They are reading 64 rh.


Lol. Yeah that’s a fair approach though.

The hygrometer reads the RH in the jar. Ideal RH for weed to preserve terps and not promote mold is right between 58 and 62% RH.

I felt like I had no choice. I was dreading the cure process because I do not have time to burp jars multiple times a day (this aids in fresh air exchange and prevents mold). I work two jobs and barely find time to eat some days. Mason jar burping sounded like a nightmare to try and schedule in as well.

I saw the Grove Bag topic and did some research. It’s legit and no jar burping. I was excited to harvest instead of afraid.


I got lazy on the last few buds. Total weight dried is 2.25oz, maybe more but honestly I don’t remember how much is in the smaller bag curing already so I’m gonna call it 2 and a quarter and be happy.

Almost an ounce of larf, sugar leaves and other miscellaneous trim bits. (25g but who’s counting?)

Just shy of 1/2g of kief.

Seemed like a lot of work for not a ridiculous amount. But I keep reminding myself this was only a portion of my very first plant. I’m sure the buds will be denser and better next time around. Plus with dispensary prices, I figure that’s a solid $500 I’m not spending elsewhere.


Nice harvest homie how do you collect your kief?

Still have to mount it but I got my lil camera today so I don’t go in my tent a dozen times a day I’m surprised it works that good it was under $20

it’s like I didn’t even train them I got one giant bud on each plant

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I went down to my local guys and bought a “Trim Bin” - it has a mesh screen and a second tray below the screen to catch all the kief. It also came with a soft fan brush to help sweep up all the powder. It’s also designed way better than the other trimming trays I’ve seen. Has little cut-outs so you can rest your forearms while you trim. Super neat and costs the same as all the other trim trays I’ve seen on Amazon.

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Thnx yeah that one looks dope I actually have it in my cart but doubt I can swing it before my first harvest. Depends on how long but I’ll definitely get that one thnx bro your harvest is looking great nice work bud​:metal::crazy_face::v:

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Thanks man. I’m hoping the next round will be better but I know I have 2-3 grows before I get the routine down and can really have some beast buds on my hands.


Lol you got it going on for sure

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Alrighty. Quick update on the 4x4

Lemon Tree is gonna go for a few more days before I fully commit to the reveg. She’s got a little by way of bud growth but I don’t know if I should really expect them to get any fatter.

I may give her one more watering with molasses and nice cold water before I pull off anything viable and leave behind the larf.

Blueberry is jonesing to get out but unfortunately she doesn’t get more space. Literally attached to the reservoir so it’s all I’ve got to give.

Alpujarreña is growing up already.

And much to my surprise, Purple Urkle might be female. I’m not ready to call it yet but I think I’ve got pistils forming up.

I’ve got a mighty cramped family in here.


And the 4x3 is still just out of control. I got nothin, you guys. :rofl:

I re-potted, topped off water, tried more LST, I even cut branches off Frosted Jungle.

I also think I may have gnats getting in from outside :see_no_evil:

I’ve got sticky traps on all the plants who can fit one.

Mystery Plant who got up-potted is droopy as hell. Not sure why. But I took her out, gave her a Recharge bath and put her back. She’s dripping water all over my tent though. Probably going to pull everything out and mop it up. Don’t need excess standing water to encourage bugs.

Oh and the tomatoes.

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Alrighty. Gelato is trimmed and bagged. Ultimately came out to 8.75 grams. :rofl: poor girl.

Frosty beyond belief though.

Edit: and 1.05 grams of kief. All her energy must have been in trichome building holy cow.


Oh, and the last branches of the Lemon Tree originally chopped added another 6.25g to my count. So 2 oz and 13.25g (more or less). Total yield of like, 2.75 oz between both plants. That’s pretty okay. Should keep me stocked until the next ones are done flowering (maybe?)


Depends on how much the MIL smokes

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She could burn 3oz a month but never that much of the same strain, so LT will be able to cure a while I betcha. Gonna still be picking up dispo weed for a while for variety

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4x3 - still a jungle but at least the floor is cleaner.

Glad at the moment I still have that pot of 2 autos - they’ll flower before I know it and they can be evicted. :rofl: make room for more.


And the 4x4. Had to snap photos and run out the door.

Lemon Tree - looking more ready every day. Just waiting for some amber on the buds before the second chop and subsequent reveg.

Blueberry auto ain’t f*<€ing around - I’m actually going to try and do a serious defol around day 20-21 of flowering to see what happens.

Purple Urkle. Still waiting for more obvious sex to show.

And auto Alpu - vibin.

The full tent.


Lol you ain’t seen full yet

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Scroll up to photos of the 4x3 and tell me I ain’t seen full :rofl:

Seriously though, I know. I’m going to seriously need to remove that table and spread everyone out. I need to buy another light to get better coverage in the back - I never worried about it because that one bucket is just an empty res with a water pump, but I’m going to need to spread these guys out so it’s getting critical quickly.


I checked under the skirts of my girls in the 4x3. I’m shocked at how big the roots are on the Frosted Jungle.

I realized my ph pen was out of calibration so I went ahead and calibrated. Glad I did - water in the 4x3 was 4.5 (it had been approx 5.5 before the cal). Added some fresh RO, recharge, and PH up. They’re both happily back in the 5.8 realm.

Did a defol on Blueberry and cranked up the KingBrite to 80% - nearly forgot it makes my tent WAY too hot. 90° and 50% RH. Uncomfortable to stand in too long but the girls seem to like it.