Seeds in Rockwool

Ah, I was thinking it might have been Hawaii when you mentioned a connecting flight out of LA. Have a great time! Unlikely to happen, but maybe at some point we might consider the Pacific NW to live. I need humidity and less sun, seriously. :no_entry_sign: :sun_with_face:


That would be such a good time!

I miss the environment here for sure. PNW is so comfortable even when it’s hot. Unfortunately I’m pretty stuck where I live now. Just gotta enjoy visits when I can get em


Yeah, sorry about that. We’re stuck for now. We’ve had an active storm season with moisture and cooler temps, I love it.

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Same here. We’ve actually gotten rain/monsoons again for the first time in three years. Not enough to undo rampant drought conditions, but enough to bring some moisture to the air and keep us out of 110° heat.

The river still runs dry. It’s the Rio Grande mud puddle, not so much a river.


Having grown up in the PNW I can affirm it is nice here, but if you don’t like Liberals best to stay away.


:joy::rofl: that’s incredibly true.


Yeah, that’s what I remember about that place… My kayaks were high and dry the entire time I lived there…


Hope you have the best trip ever!!! You deserve it!!


I get back to my ladies tomorrow - excited to see their progress and seeing lots of leaning colas that hadn’t been quite so floppy when I left.


It will be so exciting to see how they have fared with your absence. @Graysin how many autopots are you running?

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Louie LaMore, wrote more books dead than alive.
Impact, the book is ALIVE, 1974 Paraguay/Uraguay Soccer
Never could stomach Helter Skelter, but saw the appartment Richard S used in Chicago.

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On my way to Alaska (not Australia, as SYLS, with James Garner).
USN offered to move me to Alaska in 1984, some plants being legal for grow.
Made it to PNW. MCAS-Iwakuni for 5 years and I will never be warm in Alaska, I know now.
The TV show ALONE Series is amazing but no moving. PNW for now the OK or TEX in 2030

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I’ve got 10 autopots. 8 housing real plants, 2 housing solo cups I’m praying to the Cannagods actually learned how to bottom feed. :rofl::joy::sweat_smile:

NM is just a skip away from OK and TX. I love it. Hate the weather, enjoy the generous grow laws.


I been seedling and clone cup bottom feeding.

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Update from the flowering room - everyone is alive, even the seedlings I totally forgot about in 2oz solo cups.

Seedlings I planned to care for before vacation:

After vacation:

Considerable growth. Gonna need to get those on 18/6 soon so I can play.

The Ruby Juice got moved into the veg tent so he didn’t blow his load (yet). Torn between letting him do it and moving him to a private space where I can collect the pollen and store for later.

No one appears dead. Too tired rn to care - will evaluate more closely tomorrow.


In other news, nearly everyone else is ready to harvest.

Yeti Wedding x 2,
Oblongata Piñata
Jack Herer
And possibly the GDP - I think she’s been flowering for too short of a time though, so while she looks pretty over it, I think she’s got one more round of fresh pistils in her.

Nowhere near ready is Zkittlez. I think when I harvest tonight, I’ll do what I said I was gonna do and cycle everything out - all the flowering gals (all one of her) will go into the veg tent and get a 12/12 cycle, and all the vegging gals can have the room on 18/6.

Once the vegging ladies are the size and shape I want, I’ll move mothers and clones back into the veg tent and reset the room to 12/12.

I’ll have to seriously evaluate the weather, though. If it’s going to stay 100°+, I don’t know if I can reasonably afford the electric bill for the AC. Might have to stick to 12/12.

YW #1

YW #2

Flower room

Veg tent

I may also scrap my reveg projects. I have healthy clones of most.


Sounds like you need a vacation, from your vacation.
i have nightmares when leaving the children home alone (too many bad experiences).


I just needed some sleep :rofl: long days when the plane lands at midnight the following day, ya know?


So glad to hear everyone is alive and well!


Well, Strawberry Cough (my gift from @JaneQP ) is … probably dead. I forgot to mention the plants in my bathroom to the caretaker. :sob::grimacing:

Also Yeti Wedding 1 & 2, Twisted Helix, Garlic Punch, and Jack Herer have all met their maker.

Twisted Helix didn’t fit in the bathroom entirely so some of it got hung in the guest bathroom.

:sweat_smile::joy: hope I got some trim help soon.