Seeds in my weeds !? Help

I just noticed this today. Seeds through this plant, but it doesn’t look like there is any pollen sacs? Anyone have any thoughts ?!


It happens… Couple of freebies, all good! Everything in moderation!


No balls with seeds makes this an intersex plant vs a hermaphrodite, yeah?

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Ironically, your plant is too far along to do anything about it. Just finish and enjoy the smoke you get from it.

Good luck on your next grow. :slight_smile:

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There are at least 5 possibilities I can think of:

  1. One of your plants is a natural male and you didn’t recognize it.
  2. One of your neighbors has a male plant and pollen from their crop fertilized your seeds.
  3. You handled a male plant somewhere else, and brought the pollen into your own grow accidentally.
  4. One of your otherwise female plants produced one or more pollen sacs, which released at least 300,000 spores into your grow.
  5. Apomixis occurred.

Number 4 is the most common cause of unintentional pollination, IMO. If that’s what happened, I’d want to know why. I would be checking for light leaks. I would compile my notes and have a discussion with the breeder about why this plant might have displayed intersex traits. I would reassess my climate conditions; did this plant get heat-stressed?

Like Latewood mentioned, seeds aren’t the end of the world. But they are an annoyance if you don’t mean to make them.


Thank you for all the reply’s !

This is the first time this has happened since I started growing. The only thing I can think of that has happened that could have triggered this is one day awhile back I missed a watering day and the temps were pretty high and dry and think I could have stressed the poor girls… devastating…

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Hi @KeystoneCops, you mentioned Apomixis, with this do I have to worry about the plant pollenating my other plants or does Apomixis affect just the plant itself ?

Good genetics wont hermie over a few hours of hot weather. Most likely what happened is one of the fem plants hermied somewhere low in the canopy. Probably in an area that’s not well lit. I would look around the bottoms of the plants and you should find some nanners somewhere.

You said the plant is full of seeds, right?

Yeah I’ve noticed seeds throughout most of the nugs, and a seed or two on a neighboring plant.

I have 3 more on the right side of my tent at a early phase of flower that seem unaffected at this point

Hmm. I’m unsure what has happened. I’m worried about my other flowering plants. I don’t know if it’s too late at this point to keep them from being pollinated. Time will tell I guess.

Go look around the bottoms of your plants. Also, even though most of the damage seems to be done, I would get a mister bottle and spray the tent and the plants down with water to neutralize the rest of the pollen if its present

Apomixis won’t do that, and it’s also exceedingly rare in nature (without genetic manipulation).

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I looked but did not see anything that looks like male parts. Just some seeds throughout the nugs. I’m hoping the way my fans blow that if any pollen was released it would only affect the left side of the tent :crossed_fingers:

I appreciate the advice !

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