Seeds in my prescription?

Found some seeds in some serious happiness (serious seeds) that I got from the dispensary last week, are these seeds likely to be Hermie ?

I’m guessing that the seeds came from a Hermie going off somewhere in their grow

Likely female that went to long and had a seed to continue its strain


Makes sense, bonus for me! :smiley: I enjoy this strain and I think I can do a better job with it too! --thanks bro

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Just watch for the morph and enjoy the bonus. I get disappointed when I find them because I know the quality has suffered. I get excited because I know the good smoke will be better when I bring that seed to harvest.

Good luck with the bonus!

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I went when I saw it on the menu because I remembered it was really good the first time.

You’re exactly right, it was nowhere as good as I had remembered it from either the end of last year or the beginning of this year.

I’m hoping I can do something good with thsee few seeds :slight_smile:

You know you can! If they morph, what are your plans?

You going to breed what you know you like, or just trash it?