Seeds in my buds. What happened?

So I just harvested my Aurora Indica and during trimming I noticed the buds looking a little different, and lo and behold there are seeds in them! The seeds are small and white and easily crushable, so certainly not viable, but I don’t know why they are there at all. It was a single plant, definitely no males around to pollinate, and no signs of hermaphroditism. The plant was not in ideal conditions during the last couple months of flowering; very low humidity (20-30%) and temps never over 70 deg. F. The buds smell good, are sticky as hell, and lots of sugar leaves covered with trichs. But the buds are nowhere near as dense as a previous harvest (same strain but no seeds). Anybody know what probably caused this?

It likely stressed some how, maybe light leak or temps drastically changing between day and night


Was there a broken condom on the floor?
Sorry, tension breaker. Had to have it.

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Funny, but not particularly helpful. I’m devastated.

Low Temps can stress them as well as high Temps , it varies in most hybrid strains due to what side of the equator they were crossed and breed !