Seeds in my BC Big Bud

i grew 2 BC Big Bud female plants this year.They grew over 12ft high and produced 5.5 pounds each…question is…I have found 3 seeds so far out of about 1 pound i’ve smoked/cooked with—is this “normal”? How many seeds does a female need to produce to be considered a hermaphrodite???Or that it “got stung” by a male??? I also grew 2 Northern lights plants—1 on either side of the big buds—NO SEEDS in them.Very confused,please help.Thanks in advance!!!

I’m at a loss as I’ve never had a seed with any of my plants. Only seeds I’ve ever seen was from Mexican Swag. Straight out of Mexico. Gotta love living off a major drug corridor from good ole Mexico.

I can say this it makes great Cannabutter.

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@coineye. The odd seed in an outdoor grow is not that uncommon. Doesn’t necessarily mean it hermied on you.
Put them away for next grow and try them. If it had been pollinated there would have been a lot more than 3 seeds. :wink:
Ive had a few in past grows and no issues with the smoke. :+1::v:

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It could be rodelization


I also found a few seeds on a Gorilla Glue plant. Not a herm. Cant find any pollen sacks on any other plant and the 1 GOG is the only one with seeds ?? I am curious what these seeds will produce. I tried a herm seed before but they only produce herm plants. Has anyone tried these seeds?

We had a Hemp Farmer in our county,and everyone that grew outside in our county got seeds,not just few,alot. Ruined people’s crops,What can we do for this year’s grow?Also there are a lot of commercial grows,how do they stop from sucking in the pollen from the hemp plants

and then would any seeds from them would be crossed with hemp?

Also would feminized seeds get. Pollinated from the hemp farm?