Seeds in feminized girls


My first grow. Had alot of issues with spider mites and cold weather and irregular light cycles. Whatever the case is seemed my girls hermied on me and polinated each other. 1 week from harvest. Gonna be miniscule yields. Nothing to do at this point. My only questions are

  1. if I was to try planting these seeds would they take, be inclined to be female or always be hermie from here on out
  2. I think i read somewhere that even without the stress feminized seeds have a tendency to become herm. . .
    Should I go with autoflower and just remove males that occur when they undoubtable do
    Any advice on this subject appreciated


These 2 plants are seeds from a hermie plant. I’ll let you know what they end up being . They are growing just like the original plant so I’m guessing they will be female with a high likelihood of herming


this is why outdoor growing can be rough. no control over light, temp or wetness.


It was actually an indoor grow. I didnt have a auto light switch so I was trying to manually flip lights on and off, lots of pets bringing in pests (got ladybugs for next time) and i was growing purple haze amd herd cold temps can help make the color pop. . .
All a learning experience. . . Dont do stupid stuff


Appreciate it. There looking good so far. Keep mebbn posted.


@Tnfrzry how in the everloving blueeyed world did you get spider mites indoors?
Thought for sure it was an outdoor.

auto timers make growing much easier. no …OH GEEZ, I FORGOT.

suggest you start with new seeds…about two weeks before you plan to harvest the ones you have going.


If you were one week from harvest your yields wouldn’t have changed much. A little for sure, but they don’t double in weight in a week.

The process of feminized seeds had gotten a lot better. I do still feel like they seem more prone to herm than regular seeds, but you usually don’t see them pop nanners til very late in grow, if at all. So you end up with maybe a handful of seeds and it doesn’t really ruin your crop. But seeds self pollinated from herm supposedly are more prone to herm. I’ve never grown them, so I can’t give personal experience. But I’d watch them close if you decide to grow them.


I have 4 dogs and 5 cats. Got these sticky papers with the light to lure bugs in it looks like some kinda bug documentary. Dont know what half these things I catch are but they looked like spider mite damage so im going with that.