Seeds in cube now what

Hey guys, I have two seed with tail roots about 1/4 to 1/3 of an inch long. I placed them in cubes and placed the under soft led lighting the cubes are a little moist to the touch and it’s in a humidity dome. How often do I water? Also when do I put them under grow light?

This will take you through it better than I would explain it to you

you put them in rockwell cubes?

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Yes trying to keep humidity around 60 to 80% should I have them under lights?

At long last. :rofl: here, check out the first couple posts in this journal. I’m mostly just whining for upwards of 400 posts, but there’s some helpful stuff from @Underthestairs and others along the way. Seeds in Rockwool

Keep the humidity dome on. Do not water it. Check to see if your rockwool is drying out, and if so, then water it with ph 5.8 water - no higher and no lower. Rockwool randomly adjusts its own ph when it feels like it (weird do say for an inanimate object). Light meh, warmth is better.

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I’ve never used the rock wool cubes soI can’t help. I use the peat plugs and once they get their first real set of leaves (not the cotyldones) I remove the dome and I live in low humidity (15% - 18% avg)…

I had to germinate two more seeds, cats eat my rockwool.

Oh, no! Keep Rockwool away from animals. It’s really finely spun molten rock fibers, it can be super dangerous when it’s dry, like handling asbestos. I hope your cats are okay.

They’re fine they destroyed the rockwool only ate the seedings