Seeds in big WWW buds

How many seeds is too many to find in a bud?? I try for zero but it’s really hot here. Ventilation running wide open. I have heard a few friends complain so just wondering what is toooooo many??

I suppose it all a matter of opinion. For me, since I grow, I like to find a seed or two in a half ounce of fire! Lol. But most smokers don’t want a single seed in their sack, especially if it’s the high dollar good :poop: !

Does it mean too much heat? Stress??

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Seeds can only be produced by being pollinated by a male plant or from a female that has male pollen bags (these are called hermaphrodites). They are more common than you’d think. A hermaphrodite can even pollinate itself I believe. (Not 100% sure on that, the pros can confirm this).

Well that’s it. I purchased Durban Poison. It turned out 7 out of 10 were male!!! I moved them as soon as I recognized it.
So the seeds are the result of the male Durban being in proximity??
#%^**£€<~||}%*£¥¥¥ and shit…

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I just want ILGM to reimburse me my seeds.

Did you purchase feminized seeds or regular?

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You don’t want males within miles of your females. Even a single male is bad news in a garden of females!

Best thing to do if you have a male in your garden is remove it immediately, before the pollen bags open. If you wait too long, it’s gonna be seed city! Sorry to hear, that sux! On the positive side, you’ll have plenty of seeds to keep growing.

This is a method I’ve used with amazing accuracy. Hope it helps.

My fault. They only offered regular. So I’ll take that one on me. Sorry

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Thank you for the great advice. I’m still new

Anytime @Hawaiihigh! Glad I could be of help. I always order the feminized or autoflower fems. Haven’t gotten a male yet! :+1:

@Drillbit is close to spot on.

Regular seeds are pretty much 50/50 for getting male or female. IMO these are for your growers wanting to mess with genetics, males, reproducing etc etc. Again as drillbit said if you a male anywhere near a female and that female will begin to grow seeds if it gets pollinated.

Femizined seeds are seeds that have been grown to produce typically only female plants. Pretty sure it’s like 99% or something I don’t think it’s a guarantee.

Autoflower seeds are genetically altered femizined seeds made to flower within a set time frame cutting down grow time significantly as they flower regardless of their light schedule after a set time.

Any and all female plants can and will hermaphrodite and self polinate themselves without a male if they are stressed. Too much heat, dying, etc etc. This is self defense mechanism to reproduce.

Happy growing.

Thank you.

It was a female WWW and I found a male (young) Durban.

Question is, does my WWW now harvested have the characteristics of both, or will it remain WWW prominent?

Thank you

I think your WWW is what shs is. The seeds however… will be VERY intriguing. Care to share a few? ROTF

If a hermaphrodite pollinates itself, will those seeds be feminized? Or regular?

:thinking::thinking: maybe fem’d mostly with and extra tendency to herm? Me no no…

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I’m not that familiar with reproduction. I can say yes they will the hem tendency which is why most don’t use them. I’m not sure whether they are fem. Regardless they will have a herm tendency. They would be worth keeping as germination practice but not harvest IMO