Seeds have grown to nearly 8" with no branches and the stem is very thin

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thank

I live in Texas and have never grown a plant to maturity for many reasons but now I have a home with some privacy and I’m sure these plants will blend in with surrounding vegetation. I germinated the seeds in a paper towel and then placed them in coco loco soil and they have grown to nearly 8" with no branches and the stem is very thin. I’m worried that it will break or bend over with any wind or rain. Is this normal? Should I stake them up? Please advise. I really want to be successful with this grow.

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Indoor outdoor? They’re stretching for light. You can add more soil for support, but need to get the light closer.


Most definitely put them in a sunnier area, they are stretching for light like the above poster has said, you can bury them up to the cotyledons for added support.

Good Morning You may want to consider transplanting them and get them some daylight. If you add a pinch or 2 of gypsum to your soil it will toughen up those weak stems fairly quickly.


Hate to see such stress at such an early age, pipe cleaner support.

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