Seeds germinated but 2 died and one is not doing so well

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I planted my first six seeds about 3 weeks ago. Out of those six… They all germinated but 2 died and one is not doing so well. Two are thriving. All grown same way same soil, same light, same place. I will attach a photo of the two healthy ones and one sick one. The other two have met their maker.

Just looking at the pic, the soil looks to be pretty wet. And the way the two are leaning they are getting their sun through a window.
That’s fine for house plants but not for mj.
Seedling will dampening off if the soil is too moist. And with the tiny stems that come from no air movement And Low Light they have no chance.
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Over watering and insufficient light. I agree with @Nug-bug.

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Had u just watered them when u took the pic? If u were overwatering odds r those peat pots would have fallen apart by now. The 2 that are doing well need out of them that’s for sure.

Did u dome them? Some seedlings don’t seem to care others need it. Also u say same soil but what is it? Again some strong seeds can handle going right into hotter soil while others that may not b as strong will dampen off.