Seeds germinate but won’t sprout! HELP!

So I have 1 plant that has sprouted out of 8 seeds :disappointed_relieved:

7 of the seeds have germinated, shown 1/4” tap root and then been placed in a pre-soaked ph’d water pot of soil with ffof/perlite in the bottom 2/3 and ffhf on the top 1/3.

Seeds are being placed tap root down and spritzed with water in the morning and then maybe 10 hours later.

Light is HLG 100 4K about 24-36” from seedling pots.

I’m lost here, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Humidity ranges from 35-55 avg like 50%
65-73F temperature

What’s going on here?
Bad luck?

The seeds that keep failing are all from the same breeder (binary selections) as is the 1 stunted flowering girl.

I just dropped a new seed last night from wicked pissah and placed a Tupperware container over her in the pot.

Somebody please help :cry::cry:

I’ve never had such a horrible experience trying to make something grow.


That’s a bit cool for them.
Bringing your temps up closer to 80 deg should help a bit.


Other than the temps that old guy pointed out this stands out to me. The soil should be relatively dry throughout this process until a decent root base has formed. Maybe you are over-watering before you even get started.


Another thing that it could be how deep you planting em. I only water my wee ones about every third day twice a day is too wet

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Like others have mentioned bring up the temps and stop watering twice a day.

Now you said one of your flowering plants is stunted as well, could you be overwatering? Best way is to pick up the pots, only water when nice and light.