Seeds germinate but no sprout

Neither do those starter cups, I was hopping this would have worked out , back to solo


I hear roots don’t break those nets , take off before putting down for good

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They need to sprout to determine if plugs will work or not , day 6 no sprout after germination , white widow auto , another wasted batch of seed and 100 out of my pocket … 13 germinated seeds and only 4 sprouts I’mabout to give up shut every thing down

See everyone is talking peat plugs I really don’t think they are the cause not sprouting and that’s my issue , but thank you for your input

Last but not the least, out 20 white widow seeds I’ve germinated 9 and only one sprout and I don’t the plugs are causing it further batch was in coco cups… one sprout… junk seeds from ILGM … no it the peat plugs… yes I’m really irritated

OK, I feel stupid now for using peat plugs I swear I’ll never use them again so please let’s get off the plugs 6 days after germination, no sprout, I don’t think it’s the plugs … but I swear I’ll never use them again …now that I feel like a complete idiot for doing so
Hey ilgm …why are your seeds not sprouting

This is what I was using prior to the plugs with no luck on sprouts… I’ve used this for years never had an issue I grow in coco and peat no issues

… come on guys stop the dogging on the plugs cause I really do not think that is the issue I’ve been growing for 10 years I’ve never had such issues with germinated seeds sprouting till I started buying off the web witch I’ve only done twice now and shitty out cone from both
If no knows then just say so cause this really getting frustrating cause the input I’m getting is tgd plugs… SMH… I guess it’s time to trash the whole thing and move on

Here we go , one plant out of 9 germinated white widow seeds and you wouldn’t believe whst I had to do to keep this one I’m throwing in towel… it’s all in the trash now because of those evil pear plugs … cheers

@Jayy i too got the 10+10 white widow auto flower and soaked three seeds. Two tap roots shot out in 36 hours so I moved to coco coir with no sprouting yet. It’s been five days. Gonna try again.

I’m trying 4 more but the hell with pre germination , seed to coco, I’ve gone through 9 so far and only one sprout , let this be a lesson for us … 10+10=garbage it’s the only thing I can think of they just been in storage to long and it’s cleaning time so we fall for a nightmare deal
Good luck


I’m thinking the same @Jayy. Keep us posted with your progress.

@greenwildlife , update , I contacted support explained the issue explained my process plus explained I’m trying seed to soil no presoak
They said to let them know if it works and they will proceed with replacement
Giving it a total of 7 days though they should sprout in 3 to 5 …

All 4 sprouted, seed to soil no pre soak, tap roots must be to sensitive
Hope you have a better outcome

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Seed to soil no pre soak no issues

Okay I will try that! How often are you watering and are your using spray bottle or how much water??

I used a coco mix starter soil in a solo cup with drainage holes, have it a good with warm water not hot , put seed about 1/8 inch in I put another cup on top to create a humidity dome but I also used a seedling heat pad with cheap grow light on them around the clock , seeds like to be warm to soften casing , they all started to sprout in less than 72 hours
Just check your moisture periodically don’t let it dry out but don’t drench it and yes I used a spray bottle
Hope this it helps I Also did 4 other seeds I had from 2008 only one did not take

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@Jayy whats your temperature like where the seeds sprouted? Do you know the humidity as well?

Room temp 70°F , seedling mat temp approximately 80°F I used 4 oz cups filled just below the top I do not know the humidity per cup as I placed another cup on top of each, the over all room humidity was about 37%, it been very dry here in the sweaty mitten until today

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Thanks @Jayy! Keep me posted with your growth and progress!