Seeds from stressed plant


Last grow I had a timer malfunction that turned my lights on while plants were in dark cycle. Needless to say my plants became loaded with seeds. I never saw any nanas or anything that looked abnormal. My question is are these seeds feminized and usable


Feminized, depends and usable again depends on how long they were on the plant, seeds take 3-6 weeks to form and mature


They were on there 3 wks or better they do look like any other seed iv’e used


Try some out :+1:


Whats your opinion


They were at the start of maturation 50/50 they work


Need some? There Gold Leaf


No and with all do respect please dont advertise please I know asking isn’t advertising but later goes down that road


Do you think there worth trying


If the seeds look mature, hard somewhat dark shell with the almost leopard like spots and veins, they are probably viable.



@MacGyverStoner answered that perfect exactly what I was going to say


Will they be Hermi


Depends on plant it was Feminized maybe some will maybe some won’t be, was it selfed or cross pollinated


Had a monster crop hermie on me, only had about 12 - 15 seeds total… popped two a while back and both are female. Not sure what that means for the remainder but they look good thus far.


It happened when I had the timer malfunctioned


I agree, if you take care to try and not stress them, you should be able to get good buds out of them. In my experience with goldleaf, it has a tendency to late hermi and self pollinate, this does mean feminized. Maybe try harvesting a bit sooner, keep an eye on the pistils and trichomes.



Doesn’t answer my question, was it cross pollinated or selfed. Being selfed it was bred by itself using no other plant cross pollinated you use another plant ie; male or stressed female


What the difference between selfed or crossed polinated


Answered above we were typing same time


Maybe to be a little more clear, selfed is explained in my above statement, [quote=“MacGyverStoner, post:16, topic:8887”]
In my experience with goldleaf, it has a tendency to late hermi and self pollinate, this does mean feminized.
And as Majik stated, if it was pollinated by a male plant, which I assume you didn’t have any male plants around and so this is unlikely, but regular pollination from a male plant to a female plant means the offspring seed has about a 50-50 chance of being male or female.