Seeds from other sources

Does anyone use other seed banks for their grow? ILGM is good, but I need a back-up?

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yes, but out of respect for the forum creators (ILGM), I will not list them…




Crop King

Lol at that
I got one from seedsman

I’ve done ILGM and seedsman. ILGM was a lot faster, but seedsman has sooooo many breeders to choose from. ILGM is awesome to have in the pocket, if I need a large quantity I would order from ILGM. If I want to try exotic strains, gotta look outside ILGM.

Very admirable. However, one of the moderators here @ imsickkid promotes his own genetics on-site, as well as ILGM’s dedication to happy customers allows us to share that info here on the boards. The only thing they do ask, is that we not drop any actual links to other vendors. ILGM is awesome, but I think they recognize that their selection is fairly limited. They choose a select few strains they stand behind. Others sell seeds regardless of their quality. Please share your vendor, help your fellow growmies to smoke tropical hash :slight_smile:

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