Seeds from my ilgm auto plant?

My first harvest is 14 week old AF blue dream plant. I waited until the trichomes on the buds were starting to turn amber… To my surprise when trimming the plant a few days after harvest I found 3 mature seeds. Is this normal?? I thought the AF feminized seeds would produce sterile offspring and I didn’t think the plant should produce seeds… also How do I upload pictures?.. Is it by pasting a link above the text box when creating a new topic

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For posting pics
I’m the lower right corner of screen there’s a button that looks like a “landscape photo”

Click it to upload photos

WAIT until the photos fully load before posting to the thread

We’re these indoor plants?
It could have self pollenated by turning hermaphrodite

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I had a couple seeds pop out of a GSCE auto. I’m convinced the ruderalis genes cause something for it to happen.

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A couple of seeds from a female plant isn’t uncommon. I wouldn’t worry about it if there are only a few.

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thanks for the direction. . They were.

grown outdoors in pots and the remaining ones, which I think are still a week or two from harvest are now indoors on a glassed in porch with heat at night. temps here are in the mid 40’s at night now… I used LST and they only grew to about 14 inches in height. and I guess since they were grown outside they have taken longer to get to this stage. according to the info, they should have been harvested in the 8-10 week range… I am now on week 14!.. but they seem to be doing what they are supposed to do!.. thanks. I will keep my eye open for more seeds… I wonder if the seeds are viable… will find out when I try anindoor grow this winter… cheers!

thanks. i will keep an eye out on the other plants

thanks for taking the time to reply. I will keep an eye out for more seeds