Seeds from autoflower


I got a seed from a friend, it is west coast og. From what I’ve read, that strain is autoflower. Will the seed be an autoflower?


There’d have to be a west coast og strain already to breed a auto west coast og


I figure it would depend on what it was bred with. But just figured I’d ask to be sure.


There are 3 types of seeds. Regular, which you could get a male or female, feminized which you will get a female but you need to switch to a 12/12 light schedule to get it to flower and autoflower which is a female plant that will automatically flower by it self. But unless your friend knows what he gave you there is no way to tell unless you grow it. One strain is not always an autoflower


fyi autoflower can come in male female and hermie. ilgm sells only fem autos, but as a category it can come in any variety just like photos


No they say fem… But that just means they will replace male or hermi documented plants… feminised seed can still be male or herm


wydm? lost in translation


If you buy fem seeds and your plant grows sacs of pollen or dosent germinate they will replace it


so if u send them pics they will replace. pics=documented. understood