Seeds from a clone?

I know this is a weird topic… BUT

There is a strain out there that I really want to try… It is Sour Dream… basically a mix of Sour Diesel and Blue dream. It is supposed to completely knock out stress\anxiety while uplifting you to make you want to get out and do stuff… which is exactly what I need lol.

However, I cant find it’s seeds anywhere nor can I really find the it anywhere for sale. All im finding is oil, which would probably be fine if that is what i have to do but…

There is a grower that has clones for sale. I was curious if I could at any point get actual seeds from those clones so that I could grow the plant myself and not have to rely on a grower in California to supply me with a plant every time I want to do another round of growing.

So, long story short… is it possible to get seeds from a clone or is there a better method for long term growth instead of 1 and done with a clone?

Thank you!

Why seeds? You can take clones from clones. Grow out a clone and make her your mother. :v:


Thank you for the advice!

The reason I want seeds is to have the versatility to plant this anytime I want… If I just do clones of clones I’ve got to perpetually continue to grow this strain. I dont smoke THAT much…My grow tent will be 3x3… so say the plant makes… 4 ounces… I’ll conservatively have 2 plants in that area … so 8 ounces per grow cycle. If I dont smoke all the 8 ounces in the 3ish months it will take to grow another 2 plants then I run into the problem (is it a problem?) of having old-ish buds that will lose their potency because I didnt smoke all 8 ounces in the time frame.

I’d like to grow, smoke all I grow, or start maybe a month or so before I know ill run out… then grow again instead of having a perpetual grow going.

I hope I said all that right hahaha.

Look up colloidal silver spray to make female seeds. You can force a single branch to make pollen then pollinate a different plant. Not sure if it would be ok to pollinate the same plant? But I’m sure someone here has done it.



Thank you. I will look that up!!

I’d love to have 10-15 seeds on hand so that I can grow this whenever I run out!

Much appreciated advice.

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