Seeds forming in WW

One of my 8 WW plant that is in the 7th week of flowering is developing seeds. Should it be removed from grow area? plant other wise has the best buds. Will it do anything to the other plants at this stage of flowering ?

This means somewhere there is male pollen, maybe from a hermaphrodite flower on this plant that is releasing pollen. Yes, it should be removed right away and all other plants need to be inspected for hermie flowers, otherwise all other plants in flowering could also get seeds.

At this point does it really make a big difference. I read somewhere that some plants will push out a few seeds towards the end of flowering and that they wont affect other plants. Will this planted still be good for smoking? I never post but always read this and I respect your opinion!

No, seeds do not come from nowhere. Pollen is coming from somewhere. What you read may be referring to late flowering stage hermaphroditism. Sometimes this will only pollinate the nugget these hermie flowers appeared in, but don’t fool yourself, if any of that pollen becomes airborne it will seed all your other plants.

Yes, it might be too late, The pollen, from which ever plant it came from may have already coated every plant and the entire flowering area.

I learned after I harvested my plant turned hermie, I know this because I only had one plant and it was a female when it started, I must have stressed it at some point which is not surprising. I only got like 3 seeds and I only noticed them while I was grinding some and there was a seed in my joint. But honestly my bud was still pretty good. The seeds were under developed not that I wanted them anyway so I don’t think it was producing balls for long or very many.

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These late stage hermies don’t really look like “balls”, like they do on early hermies or true males. They look more like yellow bananas or maybe the pointed tip of a yellow chili pepper sticking out surrounded by the other regular green bud calyxes. But it is still a “ball” or pouch filled with pollen that could break open and have all the yellow powder pollen contained within become airborne.

I never saw the balls so they could have looked like balloon giraffes for all I know…

They are hard to see, as I said, they are deep in a nugget, kind of hidden and surrounded by the normal female calyxes that did not morph into more of a male flower and therefor the change in the look from a normal bulging calyx with the pistil hairs poking out the pointy tip, and instead the bulge of the calyx turns more of a yellow and looks a little like the tip of a yellow chili pepper, or kind of like a banana, as it has no hairs coming out of it.

I’ll have to look for those next time I flower, hopefully I won’t find any.

is there a place with good images to actually view what you are talking about? I have been trying to look at pics to compare to sex young plants. a “set of leaves” means a set of five on a stem? or the first set of spreading leaves at the top? is it by the nodes from the root base? or the first set after the sprouting (round leaves), that die off?
Not trying to be difficult, maybe I can take close up of mine and that would B easier…trying to be good before my $ babies start. appreciated greatly, S.

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Sexing young plants is not the same at all as finding late stage hermie flowers.

I’m not sure what you are asking about the sets of leaves.

ok, when the sprouts start out of the pods/starter… they look like round leaves then the pointed leaves start …are the pointed leaves that seem to open out on 2 sides considered the first set off leaves then more come from the center after those open… (I’m trying) is it after the 4th set or more you can sex them?.. pinch tops?

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Sex may not show until much later, many plants won’t show their sex for many many weeks, if at all before the change in light to begin their flowering period. Some strains, after a couple of months and about 2 or 3 feet tall will show “pre-flowers”, but this can’t always be counted on.

Females will clearly show little pistil hairs and a calyx at their nodes.

Just found a few seeds in one of my curing jars, Question is how
long does a seed take to mature into a brown ripe seed ? just
curious to try and figure out approximately when this pollination
may have happened. Could be stage hermie flower or even pulled
some in from my fresh air vent as I suppose if anyone else is growing
in the area I could of pulled some in. Any type of filter I could use
to filter the inlet air to eliminate this possible problem ?

It is most likely a late stage hermi, especially if grown from feminized seeds. Any decent filter that is good for allergy reduction should be good for pollen removal. It is quite complicated, but when growing from feminized seeds, it is all about the way the genes line up in the seeds, there are different types of x and y chromosome arrangements and it is often harder to get a true pure X only seed. This is why some people, when searching for a long term mother to clone from prefer to grow from regular seed until the find the pure X only true female, but even they can be made to hermi if the conditions are right, or something like a Colloidal Silver is used on a bud.

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I found this video a while ago and he shows the little banana peppers on plants that can polinate. Good video for a lot of the vies and I found the info melds nicely with what is on here.