Seeds for outdoors in republic of panama

I live in Panama so close to the equator and want to know the best seeds to use for outdoors. I have tried different sativas with mixed results. They never grew tall and started budding way too early. Is there a specific type i can use that doesnt need much attention as far as lighting to keep it in veg. Thanks


That’s tricky. The modern breeders are kinda working away from the long-flowering equatorial “sativa” landrace genetics because most customers want short flowering periods. I know indoor growers who go 16 weeks with some conventional lines.

Also, your light cycle is probably too short for modern genetics, with the goals you have in mind.

I’ll send you in a few directions. First is DJ Short. He’s put out a lot of his source material in recent years; his breeder packs might be what you want. Second, there is the Landrace Exchange. Third, there are a few white label cultivars from ILGM that might be worth looking at; Hybrids like Jack Herer, Gold Leaf, Durban Poison, or any of the haze varieties might do well in your area.

Lastly, buying a lot of regular seeds, and allowing the best males and females to go to seed can allow you to produce something that’s localized/climatized. It might not be the best effect, but once you have a climatized cultivar you can introduce genetics from other sources for a vigorous hybrid with better effect.

P.s You might do well with autoflowering varieties, and it wouldn’t hurt to try.


Can you put a link in to contact the correct people for the suggestions you have offered.

I cannot. Sorry. But you can find them if you search Google.

Should be some landrace around, I would look for that. Usually those type of strains have longer flowering time than what is common right now.

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“cannabis strains based on climate”
First link is what you want.

Thanks ill try it and see what i get.