Seeds for new crops

Hi, everybody.
My name is Alex, very new grower, need peace of your experience.
Planted 9 feminized seeds, they grow nicely. Question: will new plants develop
able seeds for new season? I have no male plants. Do I need a pollen or else to
fertilize my girls?
Thank you.

YouTube is going to be one of your best friends for information.

Check out: “The Grow Boss”

I’m fairly new to the grow scene, but this forum has a great group of knowledgeable growers. There has been a couple of times I felt like I was asking a stupid question, but, so far, the judgements have been left at the door.

As far as sprouting seeds, from what I understand, you’ll need a male plant present to pollinate the trichomes on the female plant. Without male pollination, I don’t see how you would be able to sprout seeds.

Again, I’m still learning myself, but witha little research and posting on this site, you should be able to get your questions answered and have a good harvest.

Happy growing!!

You could also Harvest a plant but leave a couple of decent size Buds and allow the plant to go longer than normal , if you can cause the feminized plant to stress a little bit there is a chance that it will hermi and create seeds for you … but usually to have viable seeds you would want the plant to hermi about eight weeks into flower and allow the plant to flower for 13 to 16 weeks and it all depends on the strain and how temperamental the plant is , or you could spray a branch down with collodial silver around two weeks into flower and that should trigger a Hermie flower to come and create seeds for you as well , but it’s all hit and miss when it comes down to it … unless you do it the old-fashioned way with pollen from a male plant and brush it on the female flowers to produce seeds… :wink:

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Thank you. But still unclear - does feminized plant bear any seeds and where to get pollen?

Ok welcome to ilgm, ill give you an answer @shurik57

If you have feminized plants you will need to stress a female plant and breed it with its self (known as selfed) or breed it with another female plant (cross pollination). This will get you feminized seeds and lots of them.

You could perhaps get a male and breed that way with a female also cross pollination but will end up with half being male and half being female so easier and simply said you’ll get regular seeds. But big warning 1 male can pollinate up to 8 females from a mile away so any means id avoid that.

So overall if breeding stressing a female to self pollinate and cross pollinate with another female will be a better option just have a spare room they can be separated in away from all others

I hope this helps

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Thank you for explanation. I found procedure named selfing or inbreeding in the book, but with no
instruction how to implement STRESS. Be so kind and direct me. One more thing, will be new seeds
feminized or regular?
Thank you.

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Easiest way to stress them is by a light leak during their night time cycle. Another way is supercropping half way through flower. Supercropping is when you squeeze the stem and crush the phloem and xyloem on the inside of the stock. This will disrupt water and sugar transporting in those areas allowing it to not only hold more weight but in hopes you want to stress them that would be a way of doing so.

If you stress a feminized plant and breeding with itself (selfed or imbreeding the plant) yes you will likely get feminized seeds, but since they wouldn’t be stably bred, your likely to see many variations in the genes of the plants like leaf shape, pattern, bud color, smell, taste, potency, and even the high.

Breeding with a male, you will simply get a 50/50 of male and female seeds, (so you’d end up with regular seeds due to the cross pollination of the male and female plants).

Hope this helps @shurik57


And also one more thing it takes 3-6 weeks for seeds to fully mature on the plant

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Hey, Majiktoker, I am back.
My plants now seats in greenhouse, doing well, about 3 feet tall
no flowers yet. Wandering when is right time to super-crop or crimping plants and where exactly?
Will I get as a result hermaphrodite plant? Should I collect pollen from male and fertilize female?
Do I need to protect other plants from pollination?
BTW, do you sell pollen?
Will appreciate your help on this matter.

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A. You can supercrop any time once the plant has entered vegetative growth.

B. Where? You can supercrop any where on the main stock or and where on the branches (usually works better to supercrop where you want to slow the growth specifically inbetween branch nodes).

C. Will this result in a hermaphrodite plant? The answer this can vary depending on stage of growth. In late flower yes this can result in a hermaphrodite plant. In mild to aggressive vegetative stage this should not result in hermaphrodite plants as it temporarily disrupts sugar and water transportation to that part of the plant. So as long as you avoid supercropping in mid to late flower you should be alright with no chances of hermaphrodited plants.

D. Pollenizing with a male will result in regular seeds but is a way of creating your own strains.

E. Do you want to protect other plants from this pollen? Absolutely you will want to protect any thing thats not getting pollinated or this can result in pollinated plants throughout entire garden. So if you can separate what you are using for breeding from the ones you want left alone that would be a great idea as pollen can blow miles with the wind and can stay viable for upwards of 6 months.

F. Last of all, do I sell pollen? Yes I do sell clones, female plants, males for breeding purposes, and different pollen from different strains if asked, however @shurik57 I cannot advertise that here it is against our forum policy, you would have to find away to get ahold of me away from the forum ie; email, phone and thats really it but I really wouldn’t know how to go about getting you that information as we cant share private info here either

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