Seeds! Everywhere... seeds!

I had 1 plant herm, pollinated itself and everything else in the tent :sob: So, I’m about to have a bunch of seed. Should I use them or are they bad genes due to the herm as the source?


I would save them and run a bunch at once; likely you have a bunch of feminized seeds and if the strains are compatible for growth and flavor profile you just ended up with a lifetime supply of feminized seeds.

I had a Sour Diesel spontaneously seed a couple of years ago and I and several others grew out some of the seeds: all female and all potent and tasty with great yields.


Seeeeds, glorious seeeds! :musical_note:


I just tried this. Got nothing but hermies. Don’t waste the time energy or nutes. IMO.

  • unless you can’t attribute the herm to a certain stressor. Genetic herms make herm seeds in my experience

You are absolutely correct; you HAVE to run some out to see if they are worth keeping.


Def save them

The ones from the hermi plant may show tendency to hermi but the other plants that where pollinated will be reg seeds


Oh I know the stressor. My smart plug disconnected from our wifi during the on period and just stayed on 24/7 for several days before I noticed.

I ended up with over a pound across the 4 pollinated plants, but they’re as seedy as they are frosty. Tomorrow it’ll be dry enough to start pressing for extract (trash for edibles). I’ll pull seed and give it a whirl. I’m glad I still have 2 unpollinated to use as plain old fashioned green flower. Bonus, they’re my 2 favorite strains - ilgm banana kush and a clementine from elsewhere.

Side-note: my experiment trying seed from other sources has proven to be a fail, in general. Too many issues to get into with one bank I can’t mention here.


You can mention the seed bank you had problems with, you just aren’t allowed to post a link to their site.

It was Nukeheadz. I made multiple attempts. They replaced the order, not just once, but twice because it happened again… and then again. They’re selling bag seed at fem price points.

The upside - a year later - I’m wrapping up a grow right now and I included 2 seeds that I ended up with. Both are Liberty(m)/Domina(f) and they are freakin beautiful. They’re in the 7th week of flower. I’m guessing 2-3 more weeks before I’ll be flushing and cutting. I cannot wait. I’m a proud parent every time I open the tent.