just got these from a new deal.WTF…MUST HAVE PISSED SOMEONE OFF.said he was sending a sample.he personaly packed them with a hammer lol.


Looks like they got smashed in the mail. How were they packaged?


env folded up in another…not a mark on either. sent a pic to him and he said fu and thats all ill ever get…shards.and gave more smashed glad i didnt pay for them! people are soo strange


Wow that is weird hopefully he just wasn’t trying to get a address? Idk but shit like that makes me think… and i think I will stick to ilgm. Happy growing


A couple of my seeds were smashed on arrival from ilgm. I sent pics and they replaced, so not a big deal. They were packed in padded envelope, so it happens.


they will have a Big suprise commin to my house… lmao ptsd and fire power!!!


Well, this is sad. @badboyraw if the person really did smash them then send them, they shouldn’t have offered them for sale.