Seeds do not perform well

After going through the seeds purchased there have been noticeable issues with the consistency of quality from one seed to the next.

Just wanted you to know.

to know…what?
what issues?
im just a customer like you. im curious what noticeable issues you observed?
did they look different? not sprout? sprout baloons?

I’ve gotten 20 feminized white widow and of the 1st 10, 5 did not sprout. I got 3 to grow but my issues goofed them up. The next 10, I had 4 sprout, 3 that didn’t and I have 3 left. Of the 4, 2 were great but one of them I dubbed a retard plant, cause it never could get the main cola in the middle of the plant and it grew retarded leaves. No it wasn’t the PH. The 2 I have going now can’t be totally sure of cause they are only 2 weeks old. Regardless, I’m not taking anymore chances.

unfortunate, to say the least.
i have purchased seeds twice from here,…every one germinated, so far. saving some for next round.

i have seen other posts, where people claim seed defect. and they were told that if you followed the websites guide to germinating. and they didnt germinate. they would be replaced for free.

again, i dont work here. but you might want to send a ticket and inquire.

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I have followed instructions to the letter and ILGM WW Fem seeds are 5 for 5 in my grow

I don’t know about anyone or their seeds. All I do know is I put the 2 seedlings in identical pots of soil, identical sources of light & CO2, identical amounts of fertilizer in identical PH controlled water. The plant that refused to make an appropriate appical meristem, but it still produced trichomes. Unfortunately, I got screwed out of roughly a half-ounce. Oh well, live and learn.

i have a similar issue…bought 40 w.w., i think the first 30 might have all sprouted. then,just a couple of weeks ago was soaking five more seeds and they just wouldn’t go at all. i soaked the last five and did exactly the same. doesn’t sound like a coincidence does it ? what else could have done this .i don’t know why. any help here would be much appreciated, hanks
p.s. i still ordered twenty more…lol, i like it here.

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If you contact Claire and explain what happened they will replace them. Just contact them by replying to email or try That is why this company is great with the guarantee they have can’t be bet.

Every seed if different - that is normal !!!

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