Seeds didn't sprout can you help with replacements

Hi, I ordered auto super skunk from Australia, but I had 6 out of the 10 seeds that didn’t geriminate…can I get replacements please? Order no: #681502
Thank you

Welcome to the forum. I’ve tagged the support team so they should be along shortly buddy
@ILGM.Support one for you guys :sunglasses:


Hey bud. Did u happen to hear anything from them on the seed thing yet. So far i have the first 2 seeds i tried to germ are duds too they are trainwreck photos tho. I did leave them an email just wondering if they got with u on here faster

Thank you DavyG

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Hi Mark, no not yet, I usually have really good success, but last time I think they came from a stock bank in Australia, cause it only took a couple of days for shipment, maybe just a bad bunch? Can you let me know what email address you used to contact them? Thanks

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@ILGM.Stacy might be able to help you get somewhere

Let me wake my wife and ask her she did all that part i just wrote what i wanted to say and they replied back rather quick. 3 or 4 emails back and forth in a matter of half hour i was impressed. Said they will cover my seeds for me as per the guarantee but would like me to continue with more to see where it goes they would rather do q shipment rather than multiple. Give ne a few to get it and make sure it something i can post before i post it.

Thanks Mark, I reorder again, but have these older seeds to send back to them, I didn’t quite understand what email address to send back to, I’ll wait until your wife wakes up from her slumber to hear more, thanks for the reply :wink:

I sent my seed complaint to here.
Hope this helps good luck bud

Thank you :+1:

Hi all, sorry to be late to the party! I looked up both your email addresses and noticed you both already have been in contact with our support staff so I hope everything is resolved at this point. :slight_smile: