Seeds didn't germinate in tap water

Just a note for others…

I got a batch of seeds from ILGM, tried to germinate them in a wet paper towel, and cup of water. Out of 5 I got 1 to germinate and the others either didn’t or just barely got that tap root poking out of the seed. Of course ILGM replaced them for me, I tried two again in tap water and got similar results but then I tried using water filtered through my Berkey water filter. EVERY one of them germinated well and have grown to be happy and healthy plants.

We don’t have terribly bad water or anything, we were on a well till about 12 years ago, so new pipes and all when ‘public water’ went in, the only thing is a bit of chlorine… Despite that, I only use the filtered water now for plants.

Again, just something to consider for anybody else who might run into trouble germinating…


The best method I’ve seen is to soak in distilled or R/O water with 4 or 5 drops of 3% peroxide in the water. Another trick is to drag the seed over a nail file to weaken and score the husk before soaking.


There’s your clue - the chlorine, which your Berkey water filter removes. Your tap water pH is probably high.

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REALLY wish I had paid attention in chemistry class in school!! :slight_smile:

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I use R/O water at 6.5 ph and 1ml of peroxide to 50ml water. Had 100% germ rate since doing it this way.


I’ve got a 100% rate so far with a lot of luck and warmed up tap water to room temperature and heating underneath the germination container. Chlorine or bromine both will drastically hurt germination

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after 2 successful crops the last 2 yr’s, with about 75% germination, this yrs 5 fem WW’s i just got, none where successful… and yes, I use PH’d distilled water… 2 sorta started getting tails, but never sprouted once in a rapid rooter… rather annoyed as this will put me 5, 6 weeks behind schedule…