Seeds did quite well for about 3 weeks, outdoor from day 1

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

This is my first grow (outdoor potted in soil) and thus far I’ve purchased 25 seeds from your company. They all germinated very quickly. I originally oredered 10 Northern Lights feminized and they did quite well for about 3 weeks, outdoor from day 1. At 3/4 weeks I also germinated and planted 5 bubblegum autoflower seeds in solo cups.

At that 3-4 week point there was a heat wave in my area with temperatures at about 90-100 F. At that time 7 of 10 NL that were thriving just died and 3 of the 5 freshly planted bubblegum popped through the soil with brown, small, and disfigured seed leaves and what appeared to be “damping off”. They certainly were not overwatered but kept watered properly as the soil would dry quickly in the heat.

I am wondering- could that level of heat itself cause the plants to die? I was working long days during the heat wave and came home to dying plants. I can imagaine it was just too hot for the newly planted bubblegum seeds, but the 10 NL had been outside in direct sun for weeks and were doing very well.

So, I currently have 3 of 10 NL growing strong and 2 bubblegum doing well. I just germinated and planted 5 more bubblegum autos and 5 amnesia haze autos outside in 2 gallon pots and with roots organic 707 soil. I am waiting for them to break through the soil. I can legally grow 12 plants and have 15 going, expecting that at least a few of the new seeds won’t survive.

Do you think that the large number of plants dying off was in fact caused by the heat/sun? The timing seemed more than coincidental and I really don’t want that to happen again. If you have any advice, suggestions, or thoughts on other possible reasons so many of the plants died, I would greatly appreciate it!

Also, the soil used was roots organic green lite, water pH was good at 6-6.5, and no added nutrients were used at that point due to their age.

Best and thank you!

Welcome to the forum. I recommend creating an account and joining us. Some seriously helpful and amazing people around here.

On to your issues. Forewarning. I cannot promise accuracy but i can hint at a few things. Your spot on with the no nutes for the age and 6.5. Im not sure what caused your issues but we’ll tackle heat or water.

I too live in an area with 95 degree heat high humidity and 110 degree heat indexes. Its brutal on our babies. That is why an early start helps. Allows the plants to accustom themselves as the temperature rises. A good way to… ‘simulate’ that is to give them increments of daytime. If at all possible. 3 early hours and 3 late hours. Then expand slowly. Another thing is direct sunlight in that level of heat. Try building a ‘shade’ using a light colored cloth or something similar to help during the midday hours. Also watering! Try to water in the EARLY hours of the morning. Sunrise is great. Dont want to bake her roots do you? Also if in direct sun do NOT foliar (leaf) feed and spray. Very damaging.

Water. Plants if that agr drink very little. Sounds like you were spot in with that aspect and only watering as ‘you felt needed’ but overwatering is a VERY easy mistake to make. When in doubt? Give it another half a day or day. And when watering water slowly. Allow the dirt to soak it up a bit then wet again. Dont not drown her all at once.

Hope any of this helps and to see you around the forum and good luck.

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PurpNgold74…gives good advice.

filling out an information form will make assessing your situation much quicker and simpler than going back n forth with questions and answers.

Having said that, heat can and will kill…especially tender little babies.

Your might access the FREE GROW BOOK on this website. It has lots of good information.

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