Seeds did not grow

Seeds did not grow i am very disappointed i have been buying seeds from you for the pass 3 years i have lost a lot some was replace but some idid not complain. I am very disappointed because i bought some seeds to start my planting season and i followed the recommendations of the seller but out of 20 seeds only 2 grow. This is what it look like after almost 2 weeks

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If these are from ILGM I would contact them and let them know. I am sure they would make it right. One or 2 not popping I could see. But not all. I have had the same issue with a different seller one time. They made it right as well

Hey @Angela2. I agree with @Not2SureYet and contacting the ILGM team for support.

Seeds will seek out moisture but they need a warm spot.
The ideal temperature is between 22° and 25°C (71–77°F)
Your growing environment should be damp/moist, but never wet
Relative humidity range should be between 70% and 90%
Seeds favour fluorescent lighting
Minimize the amount of seed handling you do

Post your grow environment here; tent size, lighting, grow medium, nutrients, air circulation/ventilation, temperature and humidity.


I agree contact them and if ur still not happy have alook at a different seed bank like herbies or attitude seeds uk sticky seeds uk theres plenty of options out there but i can tell you that i use sticky seeds uk and herbies seeds and ive only had two that didnt pop and i believe it was my fault but otherwise i havent had any problems

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Thanks for the info i think i will try one of the other vendors. This is the only one intried so far. They are good at replacing the seeds but i lost a lot that i did not even bother to complain but it is disappointing when u dont good results from your seeds

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