Seeds did not gr

This is my first time trying to grow weed I follow the instructions but some came up and they just died I am not sure what happen

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You soak the seeds for 18 to 24 hours. Then transfer them to damp paper towels for 48 hours. Transfer to soil.


Think you meant 48 hrs. :wink::v:


Good catch…yeah 48 hours. Sorry cruising on just 3 hours of rest.


@Angela2. Most folks do a 24 hr soak in water with a bit of hydrogen peroxide added.
Then into some damp paper towel till the seed cracks. Place on a heat pad or in a warm dark spot till a tail emerges. Usually within a day or 2.
Very important. Don’t let the paper towel dry out. It will kill the seedling. Keep things covered /sealed in a baggie.
After the tail gets to 1/4-1/2 in long place in medium tail down and moisten soil.
Welcome to the best forum for growing. :grin::+1::v:

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Thanks for the advise on starting out. I am waiting on my seeds to come. I will try this method. Do I have to use distilled water to soak them?

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@Angela2. Although using distilled or ro water is recommended it’s not totally necessary.
If from the tap then let it sit out for 12 hrs or so to allow the chlorine to gas off.
Or filtered is ok too.
Hope to see you growing soon. :wink::+1::v:

i have had real good luck with the germ stage of growing. i use distilled water in a solo cup. i put the seeds in solo cup and leave in there until they crack and put out a tail about an eighth of an inch long and then i them into a solo cup filled with mother earth’s peat soil mix. make sure that you have holes in bottom of cup. i actually use two cups, an opaque one covering a clear one. i put 4 holes in clear one a quarter inch above bottom and two holes in bottom of cup and i put two holes in the opaque cup at bottom. i then use a squirt bottle with distilled water to spritz the cups 4 or 5 times each day (check to see that they are dry, don’t overwater). i check them 3 times a day and sometimes have to water them more than once a day depending on if they feel like they have dried out. i use the two cups so that i can pull the clear out of the opaque to look for water and be able to check the roots.

germination. Receive my new seeds I soak them in distilled water they now have the tail I think this is where I mess up I am including a picture of the set up I want to use for the next step but I am not sure if this is right stuff

You can use those. I’ve used them without issue. Just soak them in water until they’re saturated then squeeze out the excess water, then place your germinated seed into them.

How long did u let the light stay on to germinate

By germinated I mean pop a tail out of the seed husk. Once I put them in the jiffy pod I put them under a 19w led for a week or two (depending on how well they’re growing) on 24hrs. Also make sure to use the dome that came with the pods, or make your own dome. I just use a clear solo cup to dome them.

Here is what my seeds look like now I hope I am on the right track