Seeds did not germinate

I used the suggested germination technikes, seeds in warm water 71f for3 days, tried paper and distilled water on about 8 seeds, 5 popped but only 2 grew for awhile the others turned to mush. So out of 20 seeds I have 1.5 plants and 5 seeds left. How do I get these seeds replaced?


Then go to contact at the bottom right of the choices (but above the big red go shopping square) to pick from and someone should be able to help you

Be sure to save all those failed seeds and take pictures of them for verification.

I had bought 5 seeds and only one was successful. I took pictures of the other four and contacted support. They sent me out replacements. Out of the five replacements I only tried one seed and it was fine. I still have the other four.

I just bought 10 + 10 and this is my second order from ILGM. Out of 6 seeds only 2 have been successful.

My four duds.

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the last 5 used 2 in lukewarm water for 72 hrs-nothing, the other 3 were done with paper towel method, all duds.

72 degree water on a modem or wifi for 24 hrs. Then in between a moist non-bleached paper towel not letting it dry fold and place in a baggie flat until you see a 1/4 inch tapper root. place in a 1/4 inch hole. Add a thimble of water. If bad humidity add a dome from plastic cup or cutoff bottle. Scarifying is a term for thinning the seedling coat. Take some sand paper and scar it up a little. Good Luck I ha1 out of 20 bad seeds of white widow boy I was po ed. Talk to the vendor and see if they can replace. I have had mine replaced before.

I start my seeds at 80F, no more that 24 hours in water. Move them to wet paper towel for 24-48 hours. That usually does the trick. Also, 72 is on the cool side but seeds should pop. Once they germinate I drop the temp to 74-76F. This year going to start in soil @ 80F. Once they pop lower temp to 74-76F.