Seeds came today


So excited my WW came today and just in time to prepare for my garden. I bought a little greenhouse just big enough for me to walk into a tend to my plants. Outdoor is my goal and thought due to heavy rain this would be safe


Awesome, glad to hear that,sounds like a nice little greenhouse,depending on where you live you may be able to grow over the winter also


Thats great to hear. Its always a good feeling to open up the mail box and see that little packet.



Question for my friends. I may be impatient at the movement in my seeds as only one has shown her pretty little head out of ten. Should I ask for replacement now as my growing season here in mid Atlantic is waning already past soltice


I would wait , give it though the weekend and i’ll bet you’ll have more girls to tend to.



its suppose to be 108 degrees in Bakopatch, California today…the girls seem to be surviving the summer